Working Knowledge® Services

Working Knowledge® provides custom research and writing on business topics.

Clients include IBM, Cisco, McKinsey & Co., MIT, Harvard Business School, Wharton, Young President’s Organization (YPO), Forrester Research, London Business School, Innocentive, Innosight, Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), MetLife, SAP, AARP, Fisher Investments, ICEX, Fast Company magazine, the Tom Peters Group, Prentice Hall and McGraw-Hill.  Click here to see additional clients.


Working Knowledge® provides services in three primary areas:

  • Ghostwriting books and textbooks (38 commercially-published book projects)
  • Developing executive education and elearning materials (original case studies, teaching notes, workbooks, Leader’s Guides)
  • Researching and writing best practices reports and conducting business research to support new business development, international expansion, M&A and strategic innovation.

Working Knowledge® works with universities (MIT, Harvard, Babson) to create executive education materials, and with publishers (Prentice Hall, McGraw-Hill, Cengage) to write college textbooks and business books. We also work with consulting companies and organizations (McKinsey & Co., Young President’s Organization, AARP, OECD) to create content under their logos.

Case Studies: Working Knowledge® specialties include researching and writing case studies for executive education programs as well as for marketing collateral. We have written over 450 case studies and company profiles, as well as 32 best practices reports, 24 industry studies and dozens of competitor analyses to aid companies in expanding their businesses and product lines.

Conference Reports: Working Knowledge® synthesizes content from conferences to capture key insights for clients. To date, we have written more than 78 conference reports. Recent conference reports include:

  • Quantifying Resilience, Cambridge, 2015
  • Environmentally Sustainable Supply Chains, Cincinnati, 2015
  • Supply Chain Visualization Analytics, Cambridge 2013
  • YPO Stanford Business School Seminar, Palo Alto 2007  Click here to to see additional reports.

Book collaborations: We work with thought leaders and executives who have powerful ideas but lack the time to write a book themselves. With 35 commercially-published book projects under our belts, we have a proven methodology to get you from idea to completed book. Choose among any or all of our services: developing an outline, researching new stories and examples to bring your concepts to life, providing facts to support your ideas, writing part or all of the book. Recent books include:

  • The Power of Resilience, MIT Press, 2015
  • Global Innovation Science Handbook, McGraw-Hill, 2014
  • Present Yourself, O’Reilly, 2013 (named one of the top 10 Social Media Marketing books of 2013 by Small Business Trends)
  • Psychology: Themes and Variations, Cengage Learning, 2012
  • Marketing Management, McGraw-Hill, 2009. Click here for more.

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  1. lawrence berezin Feb 27th 2009 at 05:37 pm 1

    I stopped by to visit. You just followed me on twitter. I visit the twitter page and website of all the people that follow me in the hope that we share some passions. Three of my favorite websites are Harvard, Wharton and MIT. I frequently comment on HBS. I love Goldsmith on leadership and Sarah Green’s weekly case study.

    I love your website. Great, thought provoking content. You really have a lot to be proud of. I’m fortunate that you’re going to share it with me.


  2. Andrea Meyer Feb 28th 2009 at 07:04 pm 2

    Thanks very much for your kind comment, Larry! It looks like we have some common favorite websites. If there are any stories or topics you run across that you’d like to dig into deeper, please let me know. My hope is to make the Working Knowledge® blog relevant and engaging by writing about what interests readers the most. Thanks for sharing your insights & opinions!

  3. lawrence berezin Mar 1st 2009 at 06:28 pm 3


    I’m going to take you up on your kind offer. How about a post on collaboration from another point of view. Collaboration is the buzzword in business, today. When is there too much collaboration?


  4. Andrea Meyer Mar 1st 2009 at 06:36 pm 4

    Now that’s an interesting question! I’m going to look into it now . . .